Tugas Besar Estetika Bentuk I Dwimatra : Hall Of Flames

Judul: Tugas Besar 1 Dwimatra Estetika Bentuk
Indentification: optical illussion, tesselation

This is the inspiration of my blog's name.
Hall of flames!
I love how dinamic it is XD
I made this for my task in Arsitektur Universitas Sriwijaya

So here's the story
That's a corridor to my sacred hall, where I keep everything important, says, everything I love, my dreams
Purple ladder resembling every step on life towards our goal.
Black and white floor, just like chess board reminding to always use logic and brain to make plan on life.
Stripped colourful wall on left and right side = difference between peoples on society will keep your life colourfull, difference should be treasured!

The tesselation?
Well,back to my motto : Do everything with love.
What do I love?anime
What anime?onepiece
What's from one piece?Ace
Something Ace related?fire
That's hot I got the flaming fire tesselation ♥
Okay, Ace life motto is Living without regret.
Just like the flawless flaming fire that burn on your chest, it'll never fade. Your passion will keep burning, keeping you running on track..until the end of the corridor, until we meet our dreams :)

Tell me what's inside your flaming hall?! :D

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