Etude Dear My Jelly Lipstalk Review And Swatches jor201 and jpk004

Longtime no see, im sorry for the lack of post, really.. T_T

Today Im gonna review about Etude lipstick.I'm longing for orange lipstick when I found my favourite online shop updating her status in FB months ago. I also brought the cute pink colour too!

 See, my two favourite f(x) member being the ambassador ><

-shade: very sheeeerrrr!its great for everyday use for me in personal. Its well pigmentes but also very neutral.

-packaging, supeeeerrrr cute!its etude!they always makes us crazy with their cute packaging rite? ><

-staying power isn't so great about 3 licking lips. :(

-taste bad, I don't know what taste is it , like rum? ._.

-and one bad point, its easyly melted! I own two, and both of it melted. The pink one broke and melted just when arrived!!or is it just shipping technical problem? T_T

-it doesn't dried up your lips. And I got glossy finish like a lipgloss.that's why the call it "jelly" lips talk?

Lovelovelove the colour and what it do to my lips, if only not easily melted.

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